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Adult Students

Line Edit

This edit is the most in-depth assessment I provide. I include in-line comments (Typically 3-5 comments per page) in addition to the Reader Report. The purpose of the Line edit is to focus on structure down to the paragraph level. Just like with the Developmental Edit I will comment on characterization, continuity, theme, setting, and pacing at the chapter level. With this Edit I will also look at paragraph flow, motivation reaction units, sentence variation, and voice. 

Included in this Edit:

  • 2 Full-text Reads 

  • Reader Report 

  • Full in-line comments

  • Up to 4 Video Meetings on Zoom

Standard turnover and cost is one month at approximately $0.035 per word. If you need my feedback faster, I am happy to accommodate you for an additional charge of $0.007/word. 

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