Amy Karas: Writer, 
Developmental Editor.

To be human is to tell stories. But communicating effectively requires practice and craft. I have studied writing craft, literary theory, and criticism for years, earning a B.A. in English along the way. I've been actively writing fiction and non-fiction for seven years. During that time, I proved my mettle in beta reader circles then launched my freelance editing business at the end of 2018.

I know what makes a story succeed in terms of theme, logic, structure, characterization and rhetorical situation. I have been a mentor in various roles for over 15 years so I know how to guide people toward their aspirations. I live for the stories that give hope or shine a glint of light in a dark world, be it the magic of an Urban Fantasy or the redemption within memoir. 

As a survivor of childhood domestic violence, I know what it is to have no voice. I have been told, by people with smiling faces, not to speak. I know I am not the only one. But with the support of a community, I have found my voice. Now I make a living by helping other people develop their own voices and tell their stories.



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