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I'm Amy Karas: Professional Liar

I started my editing business to help writers develop plots that can withstand scrutiny, make up characters who have plausible motives, and sharpen the details of the world in which they spin their fiction. 

I write stories that haven't happened, about people that don't exist, in worlds that I made up.

Black Fabric

Working with Amy was exactly what I needed.

She's honest, straightforward, highly skilled and thorough in her work. Her suggestions elevated the quality of my novel by leaps, and she was able to catch things other editors missed. So grateful I found her.

-Jo Hannah Afton


About Me

I look for the stories that ignite goodness in a dark world, be they stories of magic or redemption.

In the darkest days of my life, I found friends among the pages of Poe, Stine, and Shakespeare. I know what it is like for a paragraph to understand me in a way that no person can. I consider my clients’ stories as someone’s best friend waiting to happen.

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