Field of Flowers

She has a solid grasp of structure.

Amy gave me an organized and very detailed edit letter. She thoroughly outlined everything that worked and everything that didn't. She has a solid grasp of structure and many other story elements needed for writing fiction. I would highly recommend her services!

-Marian Jacobs


Ames Karas Editing, LLC

Developmental and Substantive Editing Services.


About Me

I write and edit in Hillsboro, Oregon where I live with my husband, two kids, four chickens, and one dog. I look for the stories that ignite goodness in a dark world, be they stories of magic or redemption.

In the darkest days of my life, I found friends among the pages of Poe, Stine, and Shakespeare. I know what it is like for a paragraph to understand me in a way that no person can. I consider my clients’ stories as someone’s best friend waiting to happen.


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